Friday, February 3, 2012

Talking Headlines

The world is a fast paced roller coast with constant twists and turns, leaving us to wonder what's around the corner. Thankfully we have smartphones to keep us on track. Yes, the world has now been shrunk down to a 3 by 4 inch screen providing an endless stream of information. Unfortunately much of the information we are fed is far from accurate and often times it's completely wrong. But who cares right? Our attention spans have become incredibly short due to information overload, so even if one story is complete BS there will be another one on the screen in seconds. No worries!

I decided to start this blog to highlight some of the ridiculous information we are fed. Sure, there is humor in it, but far too often the media's lack of integrity adversely affects the lives of innocent people. Sadly, the major media outlets put more emphasis on speed of delivery than they do on accuracy, and we are now seeing pack journalism like never before. One yellow journalist posts up an outrageous headline and within minutes that headline is carried on 200 other outlets. No worries about accuracy either, they are just passing on information after all. Its always the other guy's fault.

The information overload that we experience leaves us feeling that we are well versed in a wide range of topics, making us all experts of sorts. This is not a bad thing because it sparks conversation and often times debate. How about that debate you had recently? You know you were right and they were wrong. You read the information on your phone so it has to be correct. Think again. You were probably wrong. Even if the information you read was accurate, you probably didn't remember it correctly. Happens to me all the time. Happens to you too.

With 24/7 news coverage flowing into my brain, I would be foolish to leave politics out of my first post. Do we really have Democrats and Republicans anymore? How about this? I think the Government works very hard to keep us bickering back and forth in order to provide the necessary distraction so they can continue to do what ever the hell they want. The latest presidential campaign began just 15 months after President Obama took office. Why so early? Well it's simple really; campaigning mean more bickering, more bickering means more distraction, more distraction means more of the same.

When politicians are speaking nonsense why not just imagine them saying something else? Does it really make any difference?